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#Extremetour16 #Objective16 this is something I wrote awhile ago and I just saw my awesome grandma share it. Thank you Holy Spirit for bringing awesome things back to our memory at just the right time.

God IS Love!

One can never say God does not Love them, for He does not operate the way we understand love in this world. In the world we know people give love and withhold love, we decide who will receive our love and who doesn’t. The thing is that 1 John says that God IS Love. So not only can we not give true love without knowing God, but also there is no such thing as God withholding Himself. Let me explain.

The Word of God teaches us who God is and how He operates.

Remember when Jesus was talking about loving your neighbor as yourself, and later saying loving your neighbor as Jesus loves you? Remember when Jesus talked about loving the ones who hates you because otherwise, you’re no better at loving that the tax collectors or evil people in the world? He was showing us God’s love. After all, Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

Remember how Jesus never avoided the Pharisees but always met with them, even when they came to kill him? He did not fight them when they took Him, and even healed the guards ear when Peter tried to stop them. God loved us while we were still yet sinners.

Anytime you have ever read God’s love not being given, it wasn’t because God withheld His love, it was because we chose not to receive it and choose something else instead. God loves us enough even to not force Himself on us and allows us to choose where we want to be and what we want to do.

Hell was not made for man, but man chose it because it was the only escape from the love of God, and since it is the only place away from God eternally, there is no alternative other than being with God forever. Hell is not bad because God made it bad, hell is bad because God is not there, and equally Love is not there.

Gods love is not mans love that is withheld. It is always available until the day of judgement when all opportunities have been given, we need only to believe Him, believe that He gave His son Jesus to close the separation between us and God, and use the doorway of Jesus to enter and receive His love, Himself, Eternally.

That……. Is the Gospel. (Good News)


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